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Many companies are putting their servers and networking equipment into data centers. This isn’t just used to keep data secure; it’s also used for disaster recovery and redundancy. Instead of spending money on multiple circuits from different carriers, data centers avoid this entirely. But the benefits of data centers don’t just stop there. It has readily available bandwidth that allows for flexible, easy use.”

The first hurdle to overcome is what is referred to as server huggers. This is essentially the impulse to run up and hug your equipment to make sure that is alright all the time. It’s understandable but something that must be overcome when considering the pain points they create.

The problems that managing servers on premise causes extends not only to costs.

Setting aside how expensive IT infrastructure and management costs are, there is also the issue of hosting equipment yourself.

The dangers of doing so can range from natural disasters to outages.

By putting assets in a remote location, it removes the risk of damages and promotes business continuity.

Collect Actionable Data

Although the costs may seem great at times, the reality of its necessity isn’t understood until a breach occurs.

At most data centers, they offer layers of protection – including cardkey access, biometric, camera surveillance, and cage locks.

All of that can be fixed by using colocation. This is also a great selling point to customers who want to avoid any hassle that can be created otherwise.
As you meet more customers who have cloud needs, ask them on the specifics of what they want for their business.

This gives you the opportunity to sell solutions to their problems. Some of these solutions include storage applications, database administration outsourcing, or hosting a website.”

Benefits of Colocation


Power Cooling

Data centers ensure that servers stay in a cool environment for optimal operation and longevity. Although it seems like it would cost more, most data centers have made negotiations with power utilities on lowering the price. In some cases, costs are half that of the national average.

Redundant Electricity Solutions

To make sure your server is operating at maximum capacity; data centers supply high-density and backup power without interruption.

Multiple Carrier Environments

An advantage of data centers is that most are carrier agnostic.

Affordable Bandwidth

Data centers usually have a large scalable IP network perfect for those who want versatile, cost-effective volume pricing without having to break their budget.

Managed Colocation and Local Support

For anyone who needs assistance co-managing their equipment, data centers have readily available experts to help solve problems that pop up. This ranges from issues like updates, pricing, outages, and many more.

Robust Protection and Security

There are plenty of multi-layered security clearance requirements available for those who want to protect their businesses from outside intruders.

Business Continuity

In cases of accidents and natural disasters, having your important information in a different location is one of the best ways to guarantee smooth operation of your business.

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